Chyngyz Aitmatov’s Mother’s Field was Presented in Bishkek

Chyngyz Aitmatov’s Mother’s Field was presented in a new format in Kyrgyzstan; the show was performed with movements instead of words, as well as dances and gestures instead of sentences and dialogs. A graphic suite was shown at the Russian Drama Theater in Bishkek.

The body language, music and modern video design have metaphorically revealed the deepest meaning of the work by the world-famous writer. The stage was taken to the hall in order to immerse the audience into the atmosphere of the performance. Some parts of dance performances take place in the middle of rows which makes them even more symbolic and understandable.

“We try to experience this using music and flexibility. This is not exactly the dance. Nevertheless, everything is described and said in this work. Most importantly, the stage directors have maintained the purity of the aesthetic and morality of the entire work through this performance, which is new to our performance,” said actor, Bolot Tentimyshov.

This is a story of love and spiritual intimacy. Human life is born. Heroes of the story survive together by dealing with anxiety while growing seeds of hope and joy. It is noteworthy that the initial complexity of images gradually disappears, and each image as the performance continues, becomes more understandable to spectators.

“There is body language. There is more flexibility. Personally, it’s a little harder for me. Choreography and dramatic art are new to me. This is a little unexpected for everyone. We focus more on our bodies without words and images but showing gestures, glances and plasticity. It is a nonverbal communication. The complexity differs from all the usual drama theater performances,” said Actor, Yevgeniy Romanov.

Artists participating in the performance are non-professional dancers. The performance has won several awards at prestigious theater festivals for the originality of the production and presentation.