Solo Exhibition by Talgat Mirrakhimov Opened in Bishkek

Topics of wealth of Asia and beauty of East are inspiring for well-known artist Talgat Mirrakhimov. Any willing person will see this at his personal exhibition which was recently opened in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek.

Each of the paintings which depict layering of centuries-old culture, will bring visitors to the original atmosphere of multicultural Asia. At the same time, Talgat Mirrakhimov depicts the characters in an interesting technique of associative figures and uses it in his numerous sceneries.

“Nature and scenery are the bread and butter for artists. It enriches color for the artists. Nature should always be addressed and painted more often, because it nourishes the viewers with luggage and color. All brilliant artists also often have contact and even lived with nature. They took everything from there,” Mirrakhimov said.

At first, Talgat Mirrakhimov worked as a designer. However, the craving for creativity made him paint his own works. Paintings filled with philosophical meaning reflect his personal view of the world as an artist.

“At first, he also made some sketches then he joined a group of artists who were older than him. Together they went to exhibitions in different regions of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and gained experience. He continued to work in the art fund to provide for his family. His individuality and strength are that he had a great thirst for creativity,” said Kyrgyz Art Critic, Yelena Shnyryova.

Talgat Mirrakhimov’s works became a real discovery for European art admirers. The artist said that he generated the interest of foreign audience with the Turkic spirit which was depicted in many sceneries, still life and portraits. At the same time, it was not a fixed reality, it was an art reality.

Talgat Mirrakhimov became famous and, mainly, an original author due to his philosophical approach to the image of simple things.