New Harvesting of Walnuts In Kyrgyzstan

The harvesting of walnuts is nearing completion in Kyrgyzstan. Today, the republic is one of the largest walnut exporters to member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In recent years, both the volumes and territory of exports have expanded significantly. Accordingly, revenues have also increased from US$2 million to US$7 million.

A truck with 20 tons of the products is delivered to Turkey. The fruits from Kyrgyzstan have increasingly gained popularity.

“We work with many walnut producers in the Commonwealth of Independent States. We like the products from Kyrgyzstan. These walnuts have the highest fat content up to 70 percent. This is because the trees are over hundreds years old,” said Turkish Buyer, Mamat Turkmen.

Walnuts are sold in two forms, either whole or peeled. The peeled walnuts are three times more expensive. Usually, the peeled nuts are bought by large firms. The nuts are exported after packaging. The whole and peeled walnuts are transported to special wholesale markets, located not far from the plantations. This allows farmers to directly sell their harvests.

“I brought my friends here who were collecting nuts. Then I started looking for large buyers from Turkey and I brought them here and showed this place. Today, people are used to this place and now this place is known to everyone,” said Kyrgyz Market Organizer, Alkhabar Erkinbayeva.

The high demand for agricultural products is evidenced by the sale which is completed within a couple of hours. There is always a demand for organic and environmentally friendly walnuts from Kyrgyzstan.