Kyrgyzstan Increases Volumes of Meat Export

Kyrgyzstan is increasing its volume of meat export to several countries including the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and Kuwait.

In the first nine months of this year, the country has exported over 700 tons of products, which are twice the volume in 2018.

According to the State Inspection on Veterinary and Phyto-sanitary Security, the high export volume is achieved due to Kyrgyzstan’s veterinary control system that is on par with the systems used by other EAEU states as well as the cancellation of temporary restrictions on beef exports.

The receipt of the veterinary certificates is digital and it allows passing the customs control without barriers.

“While products are being loaded, information is being sent to the recipient, for example, to Russia and Kazakhstan. The recipient obtains all the necessary information about the products, including the information on the type of the car, vehicle calibration and its origin. A laboratory report is provided as well. All this information is fully listed,” said Director of State Inspection on Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Security, Kalysbek Zhumakanov.

One or two tons of meat can be exported from one meat facility per day. The amount depends on the needs of foreign customers.

Before being shipped, the meat undergoes a thorough examination in the central lab of the State Inspection on Veterinary and Phyto-sanitary Security. At this stage, any harmful substances and diseases can be detected.

“Our meat undergoes inspection. We export the meet if it is recognized as eligible. If the meet is diagnosed as including diseases, the meat will be rejected,” said Spokesperson of Kyrgyz Meat Plant, Taalai Zhumatayev.

To date, several meat producers in the country have obtained the International Organization for Standardization certificate which allows exporting the meat products to foreign markets.