Central Asian Ethno Style Considered as Unique in the Fashion World

Fashion designers from Central Asia use ethnic motifs in their collections, including oriental patterns on trousers, accessories made of felt and scarves with national ornaments.

The fashion designers say that unique stylistic solutions based on national traditions garner the interest of modern trend-setters.

Nowadays, fashion designers promote old fabrics which were used by ancestors. They create absolutely unique and wearable clothes which show creativity, art and high fashion.

“It is also necessary to introduce the uniqueness of our culture, patterns and colors,” said fashion designer, Aidana Minaidarova.

It is no secret that today most of the designers use the ethno style as a special trait in the world of fashion.

This style has its own characteristics. One of the traits is that these clothes and shoes are made of natural fabrics and materials. For instance, the clothes are made of silk, cotton, wool, leather and linen.

The unique and bright collections made by the young designers from Central Asian region have become a new global fashion trend. These collections also inspire other foreign designers to create new styles.

According to fashion expert, Irina Baizhanova, three years ago the fashion collection of Dries Van Noten had Uzbek patterns. Everyone was surprised and interested in this ornament.

Fashion experts noted that it is not necessary to wear the entire national dress to be trendy. The look should be decorated with little details of ethno motifs.

Moreover, fashion designers are doing everything to meet the demands of Kazakh clients who crave for the latest fashion designs.

“I think that every country has its own history which should be showcased through art and design. Kazakhstan has a very big achievement and it should be expressed through fashion,” said President of French Consulting Company for designers, Lyudmila Mikhailova.

The yearly held international fashion weeks prove that Central Asian motifs perfectly match with the European style. These fashion weeks are organized in the region and beyond.

Moreover, foreign couturiers use ancient images, which demonstrate the unique spirit of the Central Asian ethno style. 

Photo: liza4u.kz