Kyrgyzstan Hosted Osh Fest 2019

Kyrgyzstan hosted the second tourism festival, Osh Fest 2019. The event’s main goal is to create a positive image of the city and promote its tourism attractiveness.

The festival was opened by a colorful oriental caravan. As with traditions, the caravan solemnly passed by the streets of the city as it did many centuries ago.

Osh was once the largest trade, socio-economic and cultural center along the Great Silk Road. Caravans carrying goods that were headed from the East to the West stopped at the city. The festival organizers wanted to revive all the historical images.

As part of the event, different activities such as fairs, exhibitions of crafts and paintings of Turkic artists as well as a show of ethno fashion and a concert of national music and theatrical performances were organized. The rich program won the hearts of the event visitors, including tourists. 

Organizers plan to make the event as a tradition. Experience shows that the festival attracts a large number of foreign tourists to the region. The first tourism festival took place in Osh two years ago.