Uzbekistan Youth Chooses Kazakhstan Universities

In Uzbekistan, the number of people wishing to study in Kazakhstan is growing every year. More than 12,000 students from the neighboring state chose Kazakhstan in 2018.

Experts said that such results were achieved due to the creation of a distance learning system by the local universities. Prior to the beginning of the academic year, the largest educational institutions in Kazakhstan had organized the acceptation of documents in Uzbekistan.

The youth from the neighboring country is interested to study in the field of transportation, railway operation, teaching and information technology.

According to the changes introduced in the educational system in Kazakhstan, the distant communication between student and teacher is carried out online. At the same time, students in Uzbekistan can receive the tasks and complete them at a convenient time.

“We have no restrictions on the number of students from Uzbekistan. We try to accept everyone who has submitted their documents. The distance learning program gives us this opportunity,” said Director of Distance Educational Institute of South Kazakhstan State University, Yenlikhan Kozybayev.

Photo: Хабар 24