‘Central Asia’s Got Talent’ Premieres on TV Starting from September 15

Central Asia’s Got Talent project has officially begun on Khabar Channel on September 15th.

The TV project will showcase the performances of contestants from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan every Sunday.

Meanwhile, the filming of the jury’s audition with the semi-finalists has been completed.

“The participants represent not only the capital cities. They also represent big and small cities, villages and small settlements. A lot of talented people who previously could not take part in similar projects now have a chance to perform,” said Project Executive Producer, Serik Akishev.

Central Asia’s Got Talent is a project of Khabar Agency. The show was created based on the format of famous Britain’s Got Talent.

Khabar Agency has offered to expand the coverage of the show and promote it in four countries at once.

The most difficult stage for participants from Kazakhstan is the audition with the juries. Only 24 people reached the semi-finals stage.

“We decided that it would be interesting to all Central Asian countries. That is why we think that Khabar viewers, as well as other channels supporting us in the regions, will be excited to watch the performance of fellow citizens and people from neighboring countries. The main goal of this show is to identify new stars and to open up opportunities for them,” said Program Director of Khabar Channel, Aikumis Seksenbayeva.

The Grand Finale of the talent show will air on Khabar channel on December 22. Four winners from four countries and the main finalist of the project will be determined.

Photo: tj.sputniknews.ru