Conservation of Wild Birds in Central Asia

Conservation of Wild Birds in Central Asia

Conservation of rare and endangered species of birds in Central Asia has become an important topic that attracts the attention of leading global scientists.

American ornithologist, Todd Katzner is conducting a study on the region’s wild birds.

He visited the Naurzum State Natural Reserve in Kazakhstan to explore the golden eagle, steppe eagle and the white-tailed eagle.

He participated in the development of the first non-invasive monitoring scheme for all types of birds.

According to the ornithologist, breakthrough technology is very important for environmental studies of birds in Central Asia.

“Eagles are really difficult to trap. If I want to study the population of eagles it takes a lot of money and time. But now I can use non-invasive method. We did this fantastic study in Kazakhstan, where we developed this technique that involves using genetic analysis of feathers.“

“And in one week we can visit fifty or sixty eagle nest and get samples from hundred different birds. It is incredibly simple, straight-forward and effect work,” said Katzner.