Articles Celebrating Kazakh Capital

Nurly Zhol, a Kazakh language newspaper in Uzbekistan, dedicated a number of articles to the Kazakh capital that celebrated its 21st anniversary.

The newspaper included articles about Nur-Sultan’s unique modern architectural design and its profound economic potential.

The Uzbek journalists also mentioned about the transition of capital in Kazakhstan and the EXPO international exhibition.

Other important topics, such as political reforms in Kazakhstan, as well as explanation and implementation of social programs were also featured.

Currently, the newspaper has about 33 million readers.

The newspaper’s articles promote the Kazakh culture, customs and traditions and contribute to the strengthening of friendship between the Kazakh and Uzbek people. 

Beginning in 2019, songs and novels by Kazakh writers are published there on a regular basis to mark the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan.

 “To mark the Day of the Kazakh Capital, we dedicated articles to the city of Nur-Sultan. I think that this is our contribution to the development of friendly relations between our countries,” said Editor-in-chief, Gulamzakir Yussupov.

Photo: Хабар 24