Tajikistan Boosts Honey Exports

Tajikistan increases exports of honey. The locally-made product is in high demand abroad and is being exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

The honey season began recently, but beekeepers have collected almost 4,000 tonnes of honey. They believe that natural Tajik honey can prevent and treat various diseases. 

For example, honey with propolis is effective to treat cold, while honey with pollen treats heart.

The taste of honey depends on the location of the bee farm. Beekeepers set beehives in mountainous areas, near cotton fields and in gardens. There are five bee species in Tajikistan, such as Tajik, Italian, Middle Russian, Caucasian and Carpathian. 

There are three beekeeping development programs adopted in Tajikistan, which are aimed to expand honeybee colonies and honey production in all categories. 

The number of beehives in Tajikistan has increased by 8,000 over the past year. Tajik beekeepers produced about 3,000 tonnes of honey in 2010, and the output almost doubled in 2019.