Toll Roads in Kyrgyzstan

Toll Roads in Kyrgyzstan

Toll roads will be constructed in Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport offers to introduce payment for use of highways.

Allocated budget will be spent on maintaining the highways and building new roads.

Experts said that tariffs on public roads, which will be transferred to a fee-paying basis, will be tied to the average wage.

Regarding the trucks and buses, fees were tied to the wages as well. However, the tariff will be smaller. The road costs six soms for trucks per kilometer.

The Ministry of Transport proposes to include international roads into the number of toll roads.

According to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport, there will be a gradual transition to toll roads.

Initially, the commercial vehicles will have to pay followed by private cars.

The system of the payment on highways will be introduced close to 2025. Transport workers will have up to 30% of finances that are spent on repair of the highways each year.