SCO Youth Council Boosts Efforts to Address Global Challenges

SCO Youth Council Boosts Efforts to Address Global Challenges

Central Asia’s youth is strengthening cooperation with international organizations. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Youth Council aims to bring the young people together to discuss ways to address the major challenges in the Central Asian region and to find solutions to global threats. This year, SCO secretary-general Vladimir Norov took part in the meeting of the Youth Council for the first time. He highlighted that the world is undergoing major changes. Therefore, the work of the SCO Youth Council is important in the further development of integration.

‘Future development of all areas of the SCO depends on participation of the young people in important political decision-making. Now we see an increased interest and participation from the youth in many areas of the SCO. At the last meeting, the country leaders made a joint appeal to the youth and presented a program of action. The nations’ leaders focused on active involvement of the young people in creating a good future, promoting the physical, mental and spiritual development of the young generation in order to counter the three evil forces, specifically, separatism, terrorism and extremism in the youth environment,’ Norov told Kazakh TV.

Member of the National Part of the Youth Council of Uzbekistan, Elbek Shukurov, opined that only by working together it is possible to be efficient. ‘One country can’t pull off on its own working in these areas. If there is established cooperation within the SCO, we will be able to overcome the negative factors that will affect not only the future of Uzbekistan and our neighbors, but also the entire world,’ he said.

The SCO Youth Council was created ten years ago. A big number of projects aimed at developing youth policy have been implemented since. Every year, new members join the council. Last year, Uzbekistan joined the Youth Council. This year, Pakistan joined the cause.