Khudayar Khan’s Fortress Can Become a Major Tourist Attraction

Khudayar Khan’s Fortress Can Become a Major Tourist Attraction

Khudayar Khan’s Fortress in Kyrgyzstan is a historical site constructed between the 18th and 19th centuries. The remaining walls of the fortress are located in the Batken region and are almost 300 meters long. The walls were built as a defense facility during the rule of the Kyrgyz khan Khudayar. The top of the fortress provides a good view on all surrounding roads. Materials, such as clay, stones and water were used in the construction of the wall. The fortress was destroyed in many sections and needs to be repaired.   

Local villager Azamat Ormonov says, many historical records contain distorted information as they indicate that the wall is one meter high. ‘In fact, it was much higher. As you can see, the walls are currently more than four meters high. They were definitely much higher in the past,’ he added.

According to local residents, the wall should be repaired, as it has a potential to become a unique tourist attraction.

‘The walls are deteriorating every year. If we take certain actions in due time, we have an opportunity to preserve the ancient historical site,’ local resident Issamidin Ossorov told Kazakh TV. He also believes there should also be a way to defend the historical site from natural disasters. Therefore, the locals spoke to the local government officials about these requests.

An apricot garden was planted in the area of the fortress in the 1970s. The area’s picturesque scenery and magnificent mountains can be seen from the garden.