Kyrgyzstan Set to Revive Silk Production

Silk production has been resumed in Kyrgyzstan. This year, nearly two tonnes of raw materials have been collected in the Kadamzhai region of the country.

Kyrgyz and Uzbek producers have concluded an agreement, according to which the Uzbek producers will buy the silk cocoons grown by the Kyrgyz farmers.

Local agrarian Daniyar Yussupov has grown approximately 100 kilograms of silk cocoons in just one month.

“We grew them for a month. Then when we reached 100 kilograms of cocoons and now we are renting them. We grew them from 20 grams of the silkworms. Then we sell these cocoons to Uzbekistan,” Yussupov told Kazakh TV.

Silkworms have been brought from Uzbekistan as part of a bilateral memorandum of cooperation on silk production.

Climatic conditions of Kyrgyzstan allow growing high-quality natural silk. One caterpillar, during its relatively short life, can produce several thousand meters of valuable silk thread. The defect rate is quite low, say the experts, who are determined to revive the silk production industry in the Kadamzhai district of Kyrgyzstan.