Issyk-Kul to Welcome Record Number of Tourists this Year

Issyk-Kul to Welcome Record Number of Tourists this Year

More than 7 million tourists are expected to visit Issyk-Kul this summer. The marine climate and mountain air attract tourists from Europe and the CIS countries. The travelers are particularly interested in the Kyrgyz culture. 

Kyrgyz officials believe that the increase was affected by the Nomad Games that were held in Issyk-Kul. The event promoted Kyrgyzstan worldwide.

Tourism professionals from more than 100 Kyrgyz companies inform visitors about the local attractions, cuisine and share their experience with foreign colleagues.

Almost 7 million foreign tourists visited Kyrgyzstan last year, which is a record achievement for the country.

Last year, tourism industry gained US$450 million for Kyrgyzstan. Previously, the majority of travelers arrived from Kazakhstan and Russian and today tourists from distant countries visit Kyrgyzstan as well.

Tourists are provided with passports and travelers maps for a safe and comfortable stay in Kyrgyzstan.

By scanning the QR Code via a special application, foreigners can connect to emergency services and learn about the most beautiful destinations in Kyrgyzstan, as well as discounts in hotels and restaurants.