Central Asian Countries Prioritize Restoration of Aral Sea

The Central Asian republics have set a strategic task to restore the Aral Sea. The Kazakh Government is actively working to replenish the sea as part of the United Nations Development Program.

Trees and bushes are planted on the dried bed of the sea. At the moment, 300,000 hectares of the areas are covered by plants.

Environmentalists are discussing the ways to raise the water level in the Aral Sea. One of the ideas is to reconstruct existing irrigation canals. Experts believe that dikes and dams will help save water in the sea.

“Based on our observations, the water level has expanded significantly in more than 10 years. At the moment, we can see that the water is reaching a decent level and we hope that it will approach the original level soon. It has a beneficial effect on the fishing industry and the Kazakh economy,” said director of KazEcology Center, Sunkar Zholdybayev.

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan has also begun to implement the Revival of the Aral Sea program. The country implemented about 230 projects worth more than US$2 billion aimed to improve the sea.

The funds are allocated to construct infrastructural facilities in settlements located on the seashore.

According to specialists, a dam and a water reservoir are being constructed on the Amu Darya River. These developments will help retain the water absorbed by the Aral Sea.

“The Mezhdurechenskoye water reservoir is located at the section of the Amu Darya River where the river is separated into two branches. The Mezhdurechenskoye water reservoir is the last to receive water that flows along the Amu Darya River and the reservoir can be used to distribute water to other basins,” said Head of International Fund for Saving Aral Sea Agency, Vadim Sokolov.

The International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea has proposed to plant greenery on the dried up bed of the sea.

Experts said that application of new technologies aimed to improve the quality of water developed in South Korea and Japan should be used to revive the Aral Sea.

Photo: mytashkent.uz