Newly Approved International Rules of Kokpar Game

Newly Approved International Rules of Kokpar Game

A widely played game in Central Asia, kokpar, will be popularized globally after the Council of International Kokpar Association approved the international rules of the nomad game.

At a meeting in Astana recently, representatives of the National Sports Federations of 10 member countries of the council have signed an agreement on the new rules.

President of Kyrgyz Kokpar Federation in Kyrgyzstan, Maksat Chaki said the association’s plan is to popularize the game in America and Europe.

“There are more than 30,000 types of ethno sports in the world. Nearly 2,000 to 3,000 of the games are developed internationally and have the potential to be popularized. One of the games is kokpar,” he said.

According to the new game rules, the kazandyk will be replaced with a circle for the safety of the players and the horses. The carcass of a goat will also be replaced with a dummy as part of the principles set by the International Committee for Animal Protection.

One third of the total game period is shorted and the players have to bring the carcass to the finish line in two stages in 20 minutes.

The new rules will be applied in all international kokpar competitions.

“I’m confident that the initiative to modernize the common values of the game will strengthen the unity of Central Asians,” said Vice President of Uzbek Kokpar Federation, Yerken Abzalov.

He added that Uzbekistan will host an International Kokpar Games in March this year.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan will host the Asian Kokpar Championship on April 15th until 22nd. Athletes under the age of 20 will compete in the junior tournament as part of the Year of Youth event in the country.