Kyrgyzstan to Develop Shoe Production

Kyrgyzstan to Develop Shoe Production

A factory located in Shu region in Kyrgyzstan produced “Made in Kyrgyzstan” shoes and exported it to the Eurasian Economic Union member countries. The manufacturers say that the shoes are no different in terms of comfort and design compared to imported shoes.


- It is impossible to predict which shoes will be popular and which ones will not. Therefore, the best option is to use automatic cutting.

The factory installed modern equipment to save time and not waste materials. The process of designing the shoes and creating the finished products only takes a few hours. All of the workers are well-trained. Some of their works include producing semi-manufactured products; sew decorative patters and finishing the sole.


- I heard that the factory is recruiting people. I have decided to try. There is six month training before one receives job confirmation.

The factory produces an average of 300 pairs of shoes daily. All of the materials are exported from Russia and Turkey. The shoe ranges from casual women’s shoes and men’s classics. The first batch of the shoes is exported to Kazakhstan.