Uzbekistan Implements Law on Teachers’ Status

Uzbekistan Implements Law on Teachers’ Status

The Law on the Teachers’ Status outlining teachers’ rights and obligations entered into force in Uzbekistan. Ratings for teachers will be based on students’ performance. A new social benefits package is introduced and housing is provided to teachers who moved from cities to rural areas. The law also entails higher salaries for teachers. Starting this year, payment for working pensioners in Uzbekistan will be paid in full. Uzbek teacher with 32 years of experience, Karomat Sidikova appreciates the changes.


- The salary increased and the pension will be paid in full. Previously, we used to perform irrelevant functions and now we will change for the better. 

Experts believe that the new Law on the Teachers’ Status will encourage young teachers to work in rural areas, thus eliminating the lack of young professional in villages. Nodir Abduvokhidov is an English teacher who graduated last year. 


- Of course, I will try myself in other industries but first I should work in school and gain some experience.

A comprehensive modernization of the education sector has been prepared under the decree of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. As part of the ‘Modern School’ state program, 126 new educational institutions will be introduced in the country and 704 schools will be modernized by 2025.


- We have a one-story school. In 2019, a second floor will be added or there will be a new building. My parents and I look forward to it. Over 300 students study with us.

Teachers no longer need to do unnecessary bureaucracy works. They said that they are feeling the positive effect of the new introductions although the Law has only been adopted quite recently.