Every third Friday of the month will become ‘a Day without a Car’ in Uzbekistan

Every third Friday of the month will become ‘a Day without a Car’ in Uzbekistan, based on the resolution adopted by the Uzbek Government. The campaign will be held in late September as Parliament members will start using the public transport. If the residents support the idea, the campaign will be regular.


 - First of all, we will monitor and learn the people’s opinion. The survey will be held in crowded public areas, such as bazaars and the city centre. Everyone can participate in the campaign. We want to relieve traffic for one day and demonstrate that we can change the situation.

There are almost one million cars in Tashkent, not including transit vehicles. The authorities do not force residents to use public transport. However, car users support this campaign. For example, a driver with 40-year experience Gani Abdullayev welcomed the idea of giving up driving once a month.


 - I have been driving since 1975. The traffic flow has significantly increased. The Government’s campaign ‘a Day without a Car’ is an excellent idea. It will help improve the traffic and the environment and will promote a new habit. Moreover, walking is healthy.

According to the Uzbek Government’s act, another campaign titled ‘a Day of Road Traffic Safety’ will be held every Friday. There are a number of events organized in Uzbekistan aimed at maintaining public security. For example, a special tourist police were created in cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva to provide security.