Kyrgyzstan is focusing on the development of ethnic tourism

Kyrgyzstan is focusing on the development of ethnic tourism. Today, the country’s picturesque nature and original culture attract travellers from all over the world. The World Nomad Games has become a large-scale project that gave impetus to a strengthening of the tourist potential of the republic. According to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, this year 70,000 foreign tourists arrived for the third international competition in ethnic sports.


 - After the World Nomad Games in 2016, the number of tourists has increased many times. This year we have advertised Kyrgyzstan owing to the World Nomad Games. We advertised about Kyrgyzstan for the whole year, invited people to Kyrgyzstan and now we see a huge number of foreign tourists on the Issyk-Kul coast, our zhailau, ravines and resort towns.

Today new trend such as zhailoo-tourism is actively developing in Kyrgyzstan. Foreign tourists can get away from civilization by settling on mountain pastures in yurts. During the World Nomad Games, the ethnic village in the Kyrchyn tract has become a tourist centre of the country where a rich cultural program and sports competitions were presented to foreign guests including, sal-burun traditional hunting and archery.


– I think it has huge potential. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I mean, take Kyrgyzstan 93% are mountains. A lot of the tracking routes are very new, very recently established. Some of them haven’t been really tested yet so much. So I think for anyone who is kind of outdoor, anyone who likes nature, anyone who is tracker and enthusiast, it’s really the dream destination.  

According to the rating of the British Backpacker Society, Kyrgyzstan joined the list of the top five countries for adventure tourism in 2018.