Triangular, square and pentagonal-shape bread by Kyrgyz bakers

Kyrgyz bakers are making different types of tandoor bread with a unique taste, including triangular, square and pentagonal-shaped bread. The ancient city of Osh is turning into the centre of bread baking. 


 - There is a lot of competition in the bread market. Therefore, we have to come up with new ideas to attract customers. Baking bread of this shape is not easy, however, at the same time is more profitable.

Despite the difference in shape, the prices of the unusually-shaped bread and the ordinary round bread is the same. The bakery is always full of customers.


 - This bread has a unique taste. In addition, they look appealing. We usually buy this bread for weddings, holidays and special occasions. 

Local bakers make on average more than 1,000 loaves of bread per day. They also take custom orders as well. The output can increase up to 2,000 loaves of tandoor bread.


 - 80 loaves of bread can fit in one tandoor oven. We have two tandoor ovens. We produce 160 loaves of bread in five minutes. We add milk and oil to make the bread delicious.

There are many tandoor bread retail shops in Osh. The most popular shop is located at the entrance to the city at the South-Eastern gates. More than 30 types of bread, including patirs and kulcha are sold here.


 - It is the wedding season, that’s why our sales are high. The Osh bread is popular in the district. People arrive from other districts as well. We offer a wide variety of products.

According to official data, there are 76 bakeries in Osh. The bakeries produce more than 60,000 loaves of bread per day.