III World Nomad Games

One of the most spectacular events in Central Asia, the Third World Nomad Games, has kicked off in Kyrgyzstan. An ethnic-town with more than 1,000 yurts was built in the Kyrchyn tract which will host the most breathtaking contests, including, the kokboru ancient popular equestrian game and the salbuurun national hunting with birds and dogs. Today, athletes have trained for the archery competition. Different types of archery games from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Korean and Hungary are represented at the nomad games. The competition involves archers shooting while riding a horse. The number of sports events included in the program of the nomad games have significantly increased.


 - The number of sports competition has increased. The Second World Nomad Games had 24 types of sports. This time there are 37 different sports. More than 2,500 athletes from 82 countries have been accredited. One of the biggest delegations arrived from Kazakhstan. They take part in almost all sports including martial arts and equestrian sports. Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan have the biggest delegations.

Today the Nomad Games are reported by world’s leading media. Over 500 foreign and nearly 700 local journalists write about the competitions.


 - I am enjoying things of traditional costumes. There are so many different countries. It’s very impressive, that’s inspiring. Sports are quite new to me. I don’t really follow any sports in any country. So it is really interesting here today. A lot of traditions, old sports belong to history. I am curious to see that. I am interested to see goat polo.  



 - This year, Belarus is taking part in the Nomad Games for the first time. We do not represent a nomadic culture, but we are interested and we are very impressed. I like everything very much. There are a different culture and different mentality. We, as journalists, are very curious.


 - Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and we, Uzbeks, have almost the same kinds of sports. The motto of the games is ‘Unification of Power, Unification of Spirit’ and this is exactly what has been confirmed.

Organizers say that the main message of the Nomad Games is to showcase the rich history and culture of not only Kyrgyz but also all the people of Eurasia. The organizers believe that the competitions will promote the popularization of ethnic sport in the international arena.