Preparation to third World Nomad Games

Preparation to third World Nomad Games

Athletes of Kyrgyz traditional games are preparing for the third World Nomad Games. The participants include athletes from Naryn region, who are going through intensive training. More athletes will take part in the upcoming games compared to past years. The international event will begin on September 2 at the Issyk-Kul lakeshore.


- We selected athletes in kok boru, traditional wrestling, salburun and traditional hunting from Ak-Tala, Kochkor and Naryn. They are preparing for the games.

Eight-year-old Nurislam’s dream came true as he will compete at the third World Nomad Games with his golden eagle. Currently, Nurislam is training intensively for three to four hours a day with his eagle.


- My golden eagle’s name is Datka and he is three years old. We will take part in a big competition this year. I believe in our victory.

A golden eagle named Oimok will represent Kyrgyzstan in the international event. The eagle is one of the three best-known birds of prey in Kyrgyzstan.


- Training a golden eagle is not an easy work. We need to take into account their temper and nature. These birds are very smart. My golden eagle will compete for Kyrgyzstan.

Craftsmen and local artists are also preparing for the upcoming World Nomad Games. Just like the athletes, they will showcase their best skills to foreign event participants and visitors.