Tajikistan seeks greater cooperation with Uzbekistan

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are expanding cooperation by developing partnerships in various fields, including culture and education. Officials of the two countries said the tourism industry offers great cooperation prospects. Recently, Tajik delegation visited Uzbekistan. The group visited monuments of Tajik poet, Abdukrakhmon Jami and Uzbek poet, Alisher Navoiy in Samarkand. A ceremony was done to lay flowers at the monuments. It symbolizes the friendship between Tajiks and Uzbeks. The Tajik delegation also visited the Registan square and learned about the unique historical architectural sites. A folklore ethnographic band performed for the guests.


 - I am very glad that we are having a big flow of tourists from Tajikistan. Many people visit our country to learn more about our culture. We have three educational institutions built in the 15-17 centuries. Young people aged between 16 and 36 studied in these three educational institutions and graduated as encyclopedist and scientists. These people wrote research works covering several scientific fields. They gained great knowledge and education here.

A 3D mapping show was demonstrated for the Tajik delegation on the Registan square. The entertaining program with dramatic music and poetic background reflected all historical stages of the ancient city’s establishment and development. According to the visitors, the Registan square with its unique beautiful ancient facilities and the original style and architectural design will definitely attract more Tajik tourists to Uzbekistan in the future.