‘Melody of the Great Steppe’ exhibition of Kazakh artist was held in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek hosted the ‘Melody of the Great Steppe,’ a solo exhibition of famous Kazakh artist, Kuttybek Zhakypov. The exhibition is dedicated to the World Nomad Games and the 90th anniversary of the great writer, Chinghiz Aitmatov. 50 textile arts using the techniques of weaving and felting are presented at the event. Each art piece is not just a picture. It is considered as part of an immense universe called the nomadic culture. The art pieces are as old as the world but yet not fully understood. It is the art master’s mission to convey the lifestyle, thoughts and hopes of nomads and transform the past to the present to make the eternal tangible. 


- He is a nomad. Therefore, this topic is very close to him especially the theme of Chinghiz Torekulovich Aitmatov. There are very colorful monumental things. This is a painstaking job, because each thread has its own color. Therefore, it takes a long time to produce.

The art master applies high tufted relief in his panel paintings. The concept of applied art helps the artist to express his thoughts and feelings. Through creativity, he can portray the message on customs, traditions and culture of the steppe nomads. The tapestry is both a tribute to traditions and an art, which conveys deep philosophy, to a viewer. Kuttybek Zhakypov has his own way of incarnation that was conceived in reality and should not be questioned. The basic of his works are the commands of his ancestors.


- This is the Turkic world. It is based on nomads, who were our ancestors. They made a thin Kazakh carpet, Alasha Kiiz (алаша-кийиз). As a modern artist, I studied the carpet and I want to convey the philosophy behind the carpet making through my thoughts. For any artists, the main aspect in creativity is recognition. When the artist’s works and activities are recognized. This is a great happiness for the artist.

Paintings by Kuttybek Zhakypov are displayed in museums in Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey as well as in the galleries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and other foreign countries. The solo exhibition of the incredibly creative Kazakh artist at the Kyrgyz State Museums of Fine Arts in Bishkek will last until September 1. The entrance is free.