Kyrgyzstan boosts export

Export of Kyrgyz products has doubled after the country’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. The list of the country’s exported products is also expanding. Kyrgyz production facilities include processing enterprises, manufacturing plants of hi-tech industrial components, as well as industrial and household chemicals. The range of productions lines is extensive and is constantly growing. The demand of Kyrgyz goods is high due to the low production cost. There is an ongoing competition among the entrepreneurs.


- Our facility is the only factory of this capacity in Central Asia. There are soap production workshops in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. They manufacture the products while we provide the raw materials for them. We sell semi-processed materials to them.

Previously, small enterprises and factories fulfilled only the local demand. However, businesses enhanced their production capacities and expanded the production lines after the opening of new opportunities. One of the facilities is a plant which produces plastic items.


 - Our exports do not exceed 10 per cent. However, in the future, we are planning to boost exports of our products. We currently export our products to Kazakhstan. We aim to enter the markets of Russia and Belarus as part of the Customs Union.

According to experts, the share of hi-tech goods in the total amount of exports has increased. For example, the LED lighting panels which are being manufactured in a local factory. The LED panels are known to save energy and shine brighter than the conventional filament lamps. Meanwhile, machine-building industry will emerge in Kyrgyzstan in the near future. A famous Korean brand will construct a car assembly plant in Osh region.