Preparation for World Nomad games

There is less than one month left before the start of the third World Nomad Games. 44 countries have submitted their applications for participation. This year, 37 different sports are included in the program, among which is the Kyrgyz-style wrestling. The competitions are based on the Olympic system when a wrestler drops out from a tournament after one defeat.


 - In general, the nomad games gave a very big incentive to children of our country. Everyone is eager to train and enrol in the national team to perform at the World Nomad Games. There are strict requirements for the coaching staff

The national team of Kyrgyzstan has 16 participants determined to perform the Kyrgyz-style wrestling. The team is training for the main ethnic-event in autumn. The sports facilities are being prepared, including the work on a racecourse near the Cholpon-Ata city. The racetrack has received awards from international architectural competitions for several times. The construction of the track is to attract both local and foreign tourists.


 - I am glad that there is such a holiday which attracts millions of spectators and guests from around the world, as well as unites athletes. We came here to enjoy the beauty of the Issyk-Kul Lake and see how preparations for the games are conducted.

Circus performances, theatrical performances using 3D as well as fiery and light shows will be organized. The organizers promised that this year, the event will be better. Volunteers from 15 countries will greet guests and lead them to the spectator rostrum.


 - All the spectator seat are divided into blocks, so it will be much easier to find an assigned seat. In addition, locals and foreign tourists will be greeted by volunteers who will help and tell them about the opening and closing ceremonies.

Tickets for the grand opening ceremony of the Third World Nomad Games are on sale. Representatives of more than 100 local and foreign mass media will attend the competition, including the Kazakh TV team.