Kyrgyz Dobot: Revival of breed

A traditional dog breed of Kyrgyz wolfhound has started again in Kyrgyzstan. The dogs are distinguished by their endurance and bravery. The Kyrgyz wolfhound, which is also known as Asian shepherd dog or Kyrgyz dobot, is an ancient breed of more than 3000 years. The dogs are used to accompany flocks of sheep in mountains and on pastures to protect the livestock from predators. They are capable of living without food for a long time and they can travel long distances. According to breeders, the real Kyrgyz wolfhound should not be too big since they are mostly on the mountains. They should be lightweight.


 - This is Arystan. His name is Jolbors and this one is Amir. This is Sary Altyn Alatoo, their mother. The puppies are just six months old, but male dogs are always larger than female dogs. This is a short-wool breed. Only ears are cropped in Kyrgyz tobets, but their tails are not cropped. The black mask on the muzzle is a preferred natural sign.


 - In general, the dogs shouldn’t be large. This dog’s size is perfect; it is not too large and not too small. It is 2.5 years old. Its weight is about 40 kilograms. It is used to protecting the breeds from wolves, jackals and other predators.

There are currently about 200 wolfhounds in Kyrgyzstan. To preserve the breed, activists travel around the country to find the dogs for further breeding.


 - With good care, we can increase the weight, but our large dogs will not survive in mountains. They cannot even catch marmots or gophers. The same happens with Kyrgyz tobets.

Specialists believe that the pure breed of Kyrgyz wolfhounds will receive worldwide recognition at international exhibitions.