Uzbekistan's touristic potential

Tourism potential of Uzbekistan was presented in Beijing. Attendees of the meeting learned about the main sights and the beautiful nature of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other cities of Uzbekistan. Chinese tourists have the opportunity to visit the attractions in Uzbekistan as the procedure to obtain tourist visa is simplified this year.


 - The officials of the Embassy of Uzbekistan presented a proposal to the Government of Uzbekistan regarding the simplification of visa procedures for the Chinese nationals so that they can visit Uzbekistan for tourism purposes. Earlier this year, the president of Uzbekistan issued a decree regarding simplification of visa issuance procedures for the Chinese nationals. Therefore, the Chinese citizens wanting to visit Uzbekistan can obtain a visa in just one or two days.

The new electronic visa processing system was launched in Uzbekistan on July 15th. The new system allows tourists to obtain visa much faster. Meanwhile, transit tourists are allowed to stay in Uzbekistan for five days without a visa. Experts said these measures will attract more tourists to Uzbekistan.


 - Uzbekistan is a very beautiful country and an important centre of the ancient Silk Road. Our company offers trips to Uzbekistan. We held presentations about the touristic potential of this country in various Chinese cities, including Wuhan, Xi’an, Shanghai and Beijing. Previously, obtaining a visa was a quite complicated process. I believe that with the help of electronic visas, this destination will gain more popularity.

The tourist flow from China to Uzbekistan grew five times over the past year. According to the event participants, authentic culture, unique architecture and traditional food are the most appealing factors for tourists.


 - I visited Uzbekistan previously and will be happy to visit the country again. The central square of Samarkand and the ancient city Khiva impressed me the most. They don’t look like any other city that I have ever visited before. There are lots of other things that I enjoyed, such as the local cuisine, especially pilaf.

According to Uzbek diplomats in China, the development of touristic cooperation and the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative will significantly strengthen the bilateral partnership between the two countries.