Central Asia: Single tourist visa

Central Asian countries are expanding their partnership in tourism development. All five states of the region have a high tourist potential due to their rich cultural and historical heritage. The republics intend to work together to increase the flow of tourists to the region.


 - We are interested in exchanging foreign tourists and intend to help each other in this area.  Advertising has been launched around the world in order to popularize Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as the entire Silk Road, where our countries are located. This will lead to the flow of an even higher number of tourists to our region.

Today, the Central Asian countries not only develop joint routes and organize trips, but plan to establish a single tourist visa. The general agreement will allow travellers to visit several states of the region with one visa. Neighbouring countries support this initiative, which was initiated by Kazakhstan.


 - We have garnered the interest of the entire world as a tourist destination and a region in entire Central Asia. Therefore, the issue of creating a single visa has been raised and being resolved. From our part, we are helping to create new cross-border tours, which are the Silk Road. This is done to allow tourists to visit several countries with one visa.

One of the main drivers of the tourism development in the region is the concept of the Silk Road. Today, this transcontinental route is a global brand and is of great interest to travellers. The Central Asian countries intend to closely cooperate in this area and contribute to the increase in tourist flows.