Tajikistan adopts Kazakhstan’s experience in renewable energy

Tajikistan is adopting Kazakhstan’s experience in the renewable energy sources sector. A delegation from Tajikistan visited Astana as part of the familiarization tour. The delegation included members of Parliament and officials from relevant government bodies and institutions. During the visit, the delegates toured the center of energy efficiency. The unique facility was built with the use of the latest energy saving technologies. Compared to standardized facilities, the energy consumption for the center’s heating does not exceed 30 per cent. Energy saving is achieved due to the effective thermal insulation of the walls and application of the solar, wind and land energy. There is special equipment in the basement of the building, which allows heat to be generated in winter and cool the facility during summer.


 - We demonstrated the whole potential of the center of energy efficiency to our Tajik guests. There is photovoltaic equipment on the roof of the building, including solar converters and panels for electricity generation. Solar thermal collectors for the supply of hot water and heating are also located there to provide the building with the proper amount of electricity required to power its operations.

The participants of the familiarization tour also studied Kazakhstan’s experience in environmental legislation aimed at promotion of the principles of green economy and environmental safety. A draft on new environmental code is currently under development in Tajikistan. The document is planned for adoption by the end of 2019.


 - Kazakhstan has great experience in terms of the development of the environmental code, because the first environmental code was adopted in your country in 2007 and 63 amendments were made to the code due to establishment of the new public relations and signing of the Paris Agreement. We visited solar panels manufacturing plant and we learned how this energy is used in mountainous regions. 93 per cent of the area of Tajikistan is covered by mountains, which is why we need to develop these technologies.

The educational tour was held with the support of the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan and the Coalition for Green Economy. Its major goal is to promote green initiatives in the entire Central Asian region.