Central Asia - Japan cooperation plans

The Central Asian countries and Japan plans to strengthen cooperation in new fields. The priority sectors are agriculture, information technologies and digital transformation. The countries are set to cooperate as part of the Central Asia plus Japan Dialogue that has been operational for 14 years. According to Japanese ambassador to Kazakhstan Ichiro Kawabata, the initiative became an effective platform for partnership over time. 


- The Central Asian region is a stable, peaceful and good platform for international cooperation in the fields of security and economy for Japan and other countries as well. The region is rich with natural resources. That is why Japan is interested in cooperating with countries of the region.

Last year, the countries adopted a roadmap for regional cooperation in transport and logistics between Central Asia and Japan. The Japanese government allocated a total of 24 million yen. Moreover, Japan supports Kazakhstan’s program on assistance to Afghanistan. According to the diplomat, Japan welcomes the implementation of Kazakhstan’s other initiatives on the international arena.


-Japan is closely cooperating in the fields of security and political dialogue with all Central Asian countries, especially with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan and Japan both suffered from nuclear weapons. We are intensively cooperating on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation on the international arena.

As part of the Central Asia plus Japan dialogue, the countries also regularly address the aspects of sustainable development, trade, investments, cultural and social cooperation.