Review on Central Asia

The officials of the United States and the Central Asian countries discussed the aspects of cooperation in the field of economy and security. According to CA-News agency, the meetings were held as part of the C5+1format. It is the main regional diplomatic platform where the U.S. and the five Central Asian countries cooperate to promote economic integration, environmental protection and strengthen cooperation in the field of security. The Central Asian Regional Electricity Market project for C5+1 was presented at the meeting.


Uzbekistan’s first trade center was opened in Paris. The main objective of the new facility is to promote the export of Uzbek products in France and other European countries. There is a permanent show room with a demonstration hall in the center served to hold presentations of a wide range of goods produced in Uzbekistan.


Kyrgyzstan is ranked 34th in the rankings of the ICT services exports. Such data was provided by the Global Innovation Index 2018, Khabar news service reported. The ranking serves as the main guideline for the companies’ managers, decision-making authorities and other stakeholders interested in getting an insight in the innovative processes happening in the world.


100 foreign students from Russia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will study in Tajikistan. The students will start by taking courses to learn Tajik language followed by the major comprehensive education which will also be in the local language. Tajik nationals will also have the opportunity to complete education in other countries using allocated grants. About 830 local citizens have used this opportunity. The grants were provided by the universities of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Belarus.


A handcraft exhibition of the Tajik and Uzbek artisans will be held in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe, the Central Asian news service reported. The exhibition will mostly feature pottery and jewelry works. About 90 Tajik and 10 Uzbek artisans will present their handiworks at the exhibition.