Central Asian tourism attractiveness - Turkeminstan as part of the 'Silk Road'

Central Asian tourism attractiveness - Turkeminstan as part of the 'Silk Road'

The Central Asian countries are boosting their tourist attractiveness. Traveling to the region will be become more accessible for the Chinese travelers. Turkmenistan’s first ‘Silk Road’ visa service center was opened in Beijing. The documents submission procedures are simplified and it has resulted in the reduction of the processing time. Traveler Zang Ruida decided to use the new opportunity. The resident of Beijing had visited Australia and a number of European countries. He is now set to discover the beauty of Central Asia. The tourist chose Ashgabat for his first Central Asia trip. He will have the opportunity to obtain visa in five days.


 - I heard a lot about Turkmenistan and dreamed about visiting the country to see the beautiful nature, ancient cities and try traditional food. Recently, I read an online message about the opening of the visa center in Beijing and immediately came here.

Your documents are accepted. Take the check to receive the visa. You can read the information about the status of the application on our website.

The first agreement, which covers the expansion of cooperation, collaboration of tourism businesses of the two countries and the visa center, was signed in February during the first Chinese-Turkmen Tourism Forum hosted by Beijing. Following the signing, Chinese tour operators visited a number of regions of Turkmenistan and highly appreciated the attractiveness of the tour destinations.


 - Turkmenistan is a unique country that has all it takes to become a popular travel destination. The opening of the visa center in Beijing facilitated processing of documents required for the trip and reduced the costs. This will certainly attract travelers. According to our forecasts, next year, the number of Chinese travelers visiting Turkmenistan can grow by 20-30 per cent.


 - Turkmenistan and China are strategic partners. China is our main trade partner. Tourism is a major sector of economy of every country. Tourism is a roadmap allowing for better understanding of a country and people to develop friendship with a certain country. Therefore, we will effectively use the touristic potential in our relationships with the Chinese partners. The Chinese party is also ready to strengthen and deepen bilateral cooperation together with the Turkmen colleagues and take our partnership to another level.

Turkmenistan is set to further develop its touristic potential. The Turkmen officials are planning to hold a number of large-scale events for the attraction of travelers from China and beyond.