Kyrgyzstan: Automative market development

The Kyrgyz electric car market is experiencing new development. The Kyrgyz government has allowed free import of cars with electric engines as well as lifting the customs duties. These measures will allow updating the car park and subsequently it will have a positive impact on the environment. Currently, there are only few thousand cars with electric engines in Kyrgyzstan. Experts suggest that the number of electric cars will grow with implementation of the new changes.


 - The decision on the reduction of the customs duty rates is aimed at encouraging individuals to import more motor vehicles with electric and hybrid engines and reducing the number of vehicles with increased wear rate.

Motor vehicles with hybrid engines fall under another category of cars that are subject to the stimulating measures of the Kyrgyz government. These cars are started by the electric motors and after gaining more speed, they switch to the gasoline engines. The new customs clearance rates for these cars are minimal and range from five to six cents per one cubic centimeter.


 - I think that these measures will help us significantly to update the car park in Kyrgyzstan. It will also provide many citizens with the opportunity to buy cars at new prices. I think that it will take one and a half years for us to provide the population with newer cars.

Zero and lower customs clearance rates will be effective in Kyrgyzstan for one and a half years. On January 1, 2020, Kyrgyzstan will introduce higher customs tariffs of the Eurasian Economic Union.