Central Asian historic heritage

Almaty hosted the “Central Asia on the Great Silk Road” international conference. Scientists, politicians, writers and archeologists gathered at the event to discuss the importance of interrelation of cultures in the past and the present. They also discussed the study and preservation of the historical heritage. According to experts, the dialogue of cultures in the modern scientific community starts with the restoration of holy sites in areas including the Silk Road. Local historians plan to promote eight largest ancient Turkic cities to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The scientists are currently working on restoration of the historic sites of the Fergana-Syrdarya Corridor. They also pay special attention to the study of the literary heritage of the past ages. 


- The etymology of words that reached us from the ancient times has a historical meaning. The origin of these words is filled with the content that we are looking for. It’s my conviction that historiography demands the joint work of historians and linguists. It will make our history more comprehensive and we will have a bigger picture on what has happened before.