Reforms in higher education

Uzbekistan is undergoing reforms in its higher education system as the country plans to elevate its universities to meet international standards. Starting from September this year, a three-year program of a bachelor's degree will be introduced in universities in the country. The main criteria to evaluate the teaching performances of various faculties in universities are the performance of the students. Teachers may be held responsible should students perform poorly in their courses. Meanwhile, holders of international certificates will be exempted from admission tests in relevant subjects, while international students will be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree program on the basis of interviews. Application documents can be submitted electronically to the universities. This year, there are approximately 70,000 students that can enroll into the Bachelor’s degree courses and nearly 6,000 students will be admitted to the Master’s degree program in Uzbekistan.


 - I think that evaluation of a teacher's work based on a student's performance is the right decision. This is one of the important steps taken for a better future. The presidential decree promotes the development of education system in Uzbekistan. Technically, more than 80 universities are adapting to the international standards.