Information ties between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Representatives of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan intend to expand cooperation in the area of information communications. The countries plans to develop advanced technological systems, software as well as training of IT specialists. Kazakh ambassador to Uzbekistan, Yerik Utembayev told representatives of the Uzbek Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications about the Digital Kazakhstan program and the need for close integration in information and creation of joint innovation projects. The representatives of the countries also discussed the exchange of experiences and the creation of unified IT parks in the future. Uzbekistan highly appreciates Kazakhstan’s achievements in the digital space and show interest in Kazakhstan's remote sensing system.


 - As part of the large Digital Kazakhstan program, innovative technologies and methods are implemented in Uzbekistan which allows us, two big countries of Central Asia, to create a single information platform that could implement programs existing in state bodies. On the other hand, the project allows creating a large information space for the business community.