Review on Central Asia

Review on Central Asia

CA-News Agency, quoting the Sputnik Tajikistan reports that the Sangtuda 1 Hyrdoelectric Power Plant would be included in the Central Asia Energy Project. The power plant is one of the three largest hydroelectric power stations in Tajikistan. During the summer, the power plant will increase the country’s electric power capacity to 1.5 billion kilowatt hour.


The processing of artemia shrimps inhabiting the Aral Sea will begin in Uzbekistan. The Association of Producers and Refiners will conduct implementation of the programs for the rational use of natural resources and production of export-oriented products. According to the ‘News of Uzbekistan’ website, the products will be transferred to fish farms to feed fish larvae. Artemia shrimps can also be found in the Caspian Sea and in the Tengiz Lake in Kazakhstan.


The nature reserves and historical sites in the center and south-west of Uzbekistan are opened once again to tourists. According to Sputnik News, travelers can visit the cave of Tamerlane, traces of dinosaurs in the Kalasai valley as well as the Kalasai and Suvtushar waterfalls, the Dzhanka Lake, the Severtsev glacier, ‘Hazret Sultan’ and the radio astronomical complex on the Suffa area. In 2015, the Uzbek government has approved a list of facilities that prohibits tourist visit. These measures were taken to protect the sacred places from human exposure.