Kyrgyzstan: Towards green economy

The Kyrgyz government plans to improve the environmental situation and create terms for its further preservation. The Kyrgyz parliament members suggest adopting a state concept on introduction of the green economy standards. In the early days of independence, Kyrgyzstan was one of the most environmentally healthy countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to experts’ estimates, the ratio of undisturbed ecosystems to those affected by humans was 80:20 per cent. However, later, this balance was changed.     


- Only 20 per cent of ecosystems are not disturbed, and 80 per cent are already disturbed. It was caused by the fact that our economy was not green or environmentally friendly, but more managerial.

Scientists, civil activists and innovators have been discussing the issues of environmental standards that are important for the future of Kyrgyzstan and the planet for several years. According to the green-economy concept, a whole range of measures and approaches will help to build relations between humans and the environment. The main areas of the project are: “green transport”, “green industry”, “green agriculture” and “green energy.” These are the fields that are necessary for the sustainable development. 


- The population of the planet is growing and after some time, our future generations will face the problem of lack of resources because we are unnecessarily using a lot of resources and leave a lot of wastes, which cannot be recycled or included in the natural cycle.   

According to the concept developers, transition to green economy is a worldwide trend. Kyrgyzstan must keep up with the current developments. Their next step is attraction of investments and the actual implementation of projects.