Review on Central Asia

Tajikistan can accumulate profit of over US$150 million of annual revenue from the implementation of the regional CASA-1000 project. Based on a report by Novosti-Tadzhikistana, the republic will export 70% of electricity to Pakistan and 30% to Kyrgyzstan under the project. The planned export amounts to five billion kW/h of electricity.  The total cost of the project is estimated at over US$1 billion. The investors of the project include the World Bank,the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Islamic Development Bank and others global banks.


CA-News Agency reports that Kazakhstan and Dagestan will be connected by a ferry crossing. The service will be launched between the cities of Aktau and Makhachkala. According to experts, the two countries have an economic need for a ferry line. The launch of the service will reduce transportation costs for trade activities.


Kazakhstan has allocated 10,000 grants to admit Uzbek applicants to universities. According Sputniknews, the campaign is held as part of the Year of Uzbekistan announced in Kazakhstan. Graduates will be able to obtain higher education in economics, technologies, medicine and humanities at any of 30 universities, institutes and academies of Kazakhstan on preferential terms. In addition, the republics are currently working to recognize diplomas of the universities of both states.