Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan: Strengthening cooperation

Bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is established in all fields including the close collaboration in emergency management services. 

Kazakhstan borders three out of seven regions in Kyrgyzstan, such as Chuy, Issyk-Kul and Talas regions. The possible emergencies in these regions are caused by rivers. According to rescuers, people should always be prepared for natural disasters such as landslides, mudflows and floods. Traffic accidents are also an issue. Statistics show that traffic accidents are the most frequent emergencies in both countries. The emergency services of the two countries held regular joint exercises, where they practiced joint actions aimed at damage control after large-scale natural and man-made disasters in Central Asia. The two parties also cooperate in training of the professional staff. Kazakhstan allocated an educational quota for 28 Kyrgyz students who are currently studying at the Kokshetau Technical Institute.


- We are discussing the educational techniques that we develop during practical trainings and fire extinguishing operations at high-rise buildings, which are very important, because new construction methods require new approaches. This is the educational system for our young specialists at the Kokshetau Technical Institute, where the Kyrgyz students are studying to further train their own personnel.