Review on Central Asia

The Afghan Government supports Kazakhstan’s initiatives aimed at restoring peace and security. According to CA-News agency, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic, Abdullah Abdullah held a meeting recently with the Kazakh Ambassador in Iran, Alimkhan Yessengeldiyev. Abdullah expressed his gratitude for the support that Kazakhstan has given to Afghanistan. The officials of the two countries also stressed the need to strengthen trade and economic cooperation as well as realize the potential of bilateral cooperation, particularly in agriculture and manufacturing between Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.


Uzbekistan and Lithuania plan to improve cooperation in the near future. According to CA-News agency, the two countries have held discussions to strengthen their trade relations as well as establish joint ventures and develop new investment projects. Currently, there are 14 enterprises in Uzbekistan whereby three of the businesses are wholly-owned by Lithuanian investors while the rest are co-owned by Lithuanian companies. These enterprises are involved in the chemical, food, construction, pharmaceuticals and tourism industries.


The national currency of Kyrgyzstan, Som turns 25 this year. According to AKIpress News Agency, the first banknote was introduced in Kyrgyzstan in 1993 in the denominations of 1, 10 and 50 Tyiyins and 1, 5 and 20 Soms. Coins were introduced in the country in 2008. The first banknotes of independent Kyrgyzstan bore the images of Manas, the main character of an epic poem and a symbol of independence. The Kyrgyz Government has adopted the concept of historic and cultural design of banknotes, which is currently being used today.