Festival Of Fine Arts in Tashkent

Tashkent hosted the exhibition of Uzbekistan’s applied and fine arts where carved caskets, painted plates, clay jugs and carpets decorated with national ornaments were presented. Artists, designers and artisans from 14 regions gathered in the festival.


 - In order to create a product, there is no need for equipment. All work is handmade. The earth is gold, which means that the clay goods are no worse than gold. All these works are of national importance passed down from generation to generation.

The arts festival was organized by the students of Tashkent College of Design. They created an interesting work of art that is similar to a decorated Christmas tree. Instead of a fir tree, they used a spruce tree and decorated it with ceramic jugs.


 - First of all, it is important to pay attention to the design when making a jug. It is very difficult to make a thin long neck. In order to create a different form, it is necessary to consider every movement of the hands well before the process. Then the product will be valuable.

Schoolchildren in Tashkent also took part in the festival. The organizers opened creative workshops where visitors could learn manufacturing processes of wood, clay products and carpets.


 - Before we start creating a product, we draw it on paper. Then we prepare threads and begin to weave a tapestry following the plan of the sketch.

Besides the products of the national art, the visitors were also introduced to the works of contemporary art, in which the theatrical and visual mastery is mixed. The artists painted on the canvas while dancing and creating unusual images. According to the participants of the exhibition, these events would preserve and popularize the cultural heritage of the Uzbek people.