Abai’s works in schools of Uzbekistan

Abai’s works in schools of Uzbekistan

Uzbek school students will be able to study the works of the great Kazakh poet and writer Abai Kunanbaiuly. His works will be made available in the Uzbek language. Classes on Abai’s Words of Edification have already introduced to the public school curriculum. For instance, classes on the great Kazakh poet’s literary legacy will be held twice a week at a school in Zengi Ata village. Teachers believe that inclusion of the great Kazakh author’s works in the program is a great achievement.


-  It’s a great initiative for the two countries. Kazakh people are studying Alisher Navoyi’s works, we study Abai’s books. We need to present Abai Kunanbayev’s legacy to the younger generation and provide explanation of the meaning of his works.

Kazak-Uzbek bilateral relations have deep historical roots. That is why 2018 is declared the year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan. In March, Uzbek president signed an order establishing a committee on the comprehensive study and promotion of Abai Kunanbaiuly’s legacy. Uzbek writers are currently translating many of his works. Scientists are planning to publish a collection of Abai’s selected works on his birthday in August and visit the poet’s birthplace near Semey.


 - We are trying to demonstrate the new angles of Abai’s works. In his books, he sends strong messages to the younger generation. His poems broaden the minds of the young people. We can step into the future with the new energy only if we have deep respect for the past.

Abai Kunanbaiuly always praised the friendship and fraternity of the Kazakh and Uzbek peoples. Scientists believe that his literary legacy has greatly impacted the cultural development of the Kazakh and Turkic peoples.