Central Asian countries have great potential in developing renewables

The Central Asian countries have great potential in developing renewables. According to experts, the focus on renewables will make the economies of the five Central Asian countries more competitive. The International Center for Green Technologies in Astana opens new opportunities in this area. Its activities will focus mainly on Central Asia. Transferring innovative technologies, trainings, expert examinations and aid in financing will accelerate the implementation of green projects in all countries of the region, experts said. The international center is located at the Best Practices Area of Astana Expo 2017.


- I think renewable energy and green economy are important for the whole region. Kazakhstan and the whole Central Asia are one of the less energy efficient regions. This work, which is being done in the country to improve the energy efficiency, leads to development of green technologies and use of renewables. This will not only improve the environmental situation, but also will improve the competitiveness.