Integration of the Central Asian republics

Integration of the Central Asian republics will allow the five countries to become a stronger political and economic power. According to experts, joining the countries’ potentials will benefit all the nations of the region. It will help increase the volumes of trade. Cooperation will also strengthen the regional security. Kazakhstan has been the main initiator of integration in the Central Asian region for more than a decade. According to political scientists, the recent meeting of the Central Asian leaders in Astana is a testimony of a transition to deeper cooperation. At this consultation the parties identified promising areas of cooperation.


- We support President Nazarbayev’s proposal of holding these meetings on a regular basis. Both experts and population approve of the fact that the Presidents or governments officials at least at the level of the parliament speakers will hold regular meetings before Nauryz to solve important issues of the Central Asian countries and develop common approaches to solving international issues.

Political analysts highlight Kazakhstan’s initiative of establishing a union of Central Asian countries. It can bring about the establishment of a free trade zone in the region that will promote stronger economic cooperation between the participating states. A legal framework will also be created in the water, energy, transport and food sectors. The countries will be able to jointly combat environmental challenges and protect the region from external threats.


- Our fight against terrorism and extremism will be more effective if we have a single, identical lawmaking and legal norms. We want to provide support for Afghanistan, because we don’t want Afghanistan to become a hotspot like Syria. Therefore, the Central Asian countries are also interested to solve this issue. These are the obvious issues that are on the surface, but there are still many international issues that the Central Asian countries should bring up together.