Museums connecting cultural tourists

Museums of Central Asia keep the annals of time. Visitors can learn about the history of formation and development of the railway industry at a unique open-air retro museum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The museum was opened nearly 30 years ago in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Uzbek highway. The 17 diesel locomotives, 23 locomotives and tens of different railway locomotives and other auxiliary equipment are stored in the museum. The main exhibit is a locomotive, which traveled by rail from East to West a century ago. The museum staff assures that many of these models are still on the run. 


 - One of the most valuable exhibits of the museum is the Ovechka series locomotive of 1914. The passenger diesel locomotive of 1982 is presented, too.

There are a lot of exhibits in the museum under the open sky. For example, the locomotives made in Germany and the United States were assembled here. The museum includes old telephones, night lamps and nearly 55 other items of use and entourage. This steam locomotive, which speeds up to 55 km / h, was filmed in the famous Soviet ‘Elusive Avengers.’ Thanks to retro cars, the Tashkent Museum has always been popular for tourists.


-  My grandfather was very much involved with steam engines in the UK so it is particularly interesting to me to see your museum. I remember he had railway siding that I could ride.

Development of museum tourism and preservation of historical monuments are the main focus in Kyrgyzstan. A lot of ancient artifacts were found in the country which need reconstruction and restoration. Therefore, the republic intends to increase the number of museum workers. For this purpose, representatives of the Kyrgyz National University plans to open a specialized department. Experts are confident that teaching the history of the museum as an academic discipline is of great importance to preparing the museum experts.


 - We need to attract young professionals to this field. Becoming a museum employee was considered as the most important, intelligent and an elite job in the world.

Central Asia is a place of unique archaeological findings and the oldest artifacts. Even in the early Paleolithic, sites of the most ancient people were located in the region and during the Middle Ages caravan routes passed through the territory of the region. Thanks to the work of the museum staff, tourists from all over the world can witness the rich historical heritage.